I'm currently living in the eastern part of the Netherlands together with my girlfriend in the beautiful city of Nijmegen. Here I work as a developer @Hubper, a young company that focusses on a new way of learning for businesses.

In my free time I like to grab my 🚴🏻‍ to do some exercise, clear my head and keep myself in shape. Having a background in music, I also love to listen to music or write some songs.

I'm passionate about web development in general and love to constantly learn new stuff and improve my skill set. Right now, I'm particularly interested in bridging the gap between idea/design and code with the help of things like design systems and various tools which enable teams to move faster and work more efficiently.


  • Today

  • 2018: started at Hubper 🦄

    As a 'first born' developer at this startup, it was my responsibility to create and ship v1.0. I also created a foundational codebase (front-end) for the future growing team. 2018 included a lot of hard work (I wrote > 80,000 loc), but it was definitely worth it 💪🏻. Currently we are working on new features to make our learning platform even better.

  • 2017: My first job as a official developer 🎉

    Started working at Overstappen.nl in Amsterdam as a fullstack JS engineer. Worked on conversational apps and developed a custom bot-framework.

  • 2015: React

    Got into React. Never looked back since :)

  • 2014: Back to development 💻

    Started to do some freelance work. Created a bunch of websites and learned about Angular which I used to build planning software for various companies.

  • 2012-2015: Studio time 🎧

    Recorded and produced a lot of bands and artists, not making any money unfortunately. Still had a ton of fun.

  • 2010: Started studying music production 🏛

    Although I loved creating music, I didn't really liked to be on stage. The combination of music and technology excited me, so I decided I wanted to become a producer.

  • 2006: Started studying music 🏛

    I was admitted to the music academy to study pop music (guitar), wanting to become the next guitar wizard 🤟🏻.

  • 2003: Became a singer 🎤

    Not that I'm a great singer, but the band couldn't find anyone else.

  • 2002: My first personal website

    Learned about PHP and MySQL and the concept of the 'dynamic' web.

  • 2001: Got in a rock band 🎸

    I was playing keyboard, but actually thought the guitar was way cooler. I decided I wanted long hair.

  • 2000: My first lines of code

    Bought a couple of books about C++ and OpenGL because I wanted to build my own computer games. I only to managed to get some Quake models moving around a 3d space, but it was fun nonetheless.

  • 1988: Born


Some of the tools and tech I like to work with. Still learning new things everyday...



Primitive to build things like tooltips, dropdown menu's and pop-overs in React. Basically any kind of layer that can be toggled. Focus on what your layer should look like, and let react-laag take care of where and when to show it.


This small tool will measure the boundaries (for instance width, height, top, left) of a view you reference. It is reactive and responds to changes in size, window-scroll and nested-area-scroll.


react-transpose is a set of tools which helps you animate route or component transitions in React. It also enables you to animate shared-element transitions. This small library is build on the excellent animation library popmotion.


Flitsbee is a side-project that I've started working on in 2019. Basically it's a small app which allows kids from primary schools (Dutch) to learn simple math with the help of flashcards. Teachers can track their student's progress and assign homework.